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Looking for a unique gift this Valentine’s Day? Hire a Personal Chef from the United States Personal Chef Association for a romantic, unforgettable dinner for two.

“Sharing a meal together is the perfect way to spend Valentine’s day and the intimacy of home makes even more special,” says Larry Lynch, president … Read More

Looking for a way to serve amazing food for Thanksgiving and still spend time with your family? Hire a Personal Chef through from the United States Personal Chef Association and enjoy your friends, family, and football.

Some families will spend Thanksgiving morning watching parades.  Others will spend the day watching … Read More

By Larry Lynch

This morning I had the chance to meet Jenn Linn who worked with founder Tony Hsieh on his book of the same name, Delivering Happiness. She was giving a presentation to a group of business leaders in Orlando.

But before I go into that, first a book plug. … Read More

This weekend’s Wall Street Journal featured an article about a recent USDA report on food waste. While we can’t connect the article we can connect the report.

More important, though, is the connection between personal chefs and the reduction of food waste. Consumer spending on food is … Read More

I opened an email from my association (the association of associations – go figure) and discovered this article which ended with a very interesting quote:

“A lot of people want to come out and be the next Gordon Ramsay of the … Read More